Challenge, Test & Build a better project

ResourcesWA is a specialist energy and mining consultancy that bridges the gap between the technical and financial aspects of project development.

Our integrated approach to energy and mining projects is fundamental to our success and is what makes the opportunities and business cases we present compelling.

Bringing together a team of technical specialists and financiers, and utilising their industry expertise; ResourcesWA is able to provide our clients with pragmatic and innovative development and financing solutions.

E4M - Energy4Mines

Power solutions with Long-term cost certainty.

ResourcesWA have established themselves as being at the forefront of renewable energy and power solutions within the mining and resources industry.

The mining and resources industry are in a unique position to take advantage of renewable energy solutions, which are now comparable in cost to traditional methods.

Our extensive body of work has developed our position with infrastructure funds, global energy developers and international financiers focusing on securing agreements to build alternative energy generation and storage assets.

This distinctly positions us with all aspects of energy to the mineral resource sector.

Operational Review & Improve

Extending Optimisation beyond technology improvements.

We see innovation as any fundamental step-change that positions efficiency, safety and productivity as core business.

ResourcesWA present a level of understanding that assists executive and project teams to identify and validate innovative optimisation opportunities. The vast collective experience of our team, comprising of specialist and well-experienced practitioners from the hydrocarbons, mining and energy sectors, empowers us to convert strategy into results.  Our strategic alliances further bolster our broad capabilities, providing the platforms and knowledge needed for successful delivery.

We support all stages of solution implementation, from the development of business planning and funding strategies to delivery systems and technical support, building durable competitive advantages for our clients.  

Review & Improve

Taking Technology to The Next Level.

A competitive global economy requires every asset-intensive industry to optimise its assets to remain competitive. In the mining and energy industries, this is amplified by highly competitive costs of production, increased government regulation and board expectations.

ResourcesWA identify, define, plan and execute initiatives that unleash significant improvement from operational assets, positioning assets to realise business and board objectives. Tapping into specialist expertise, our solutions span productivity enhancements, continuous improvement, enhanced efficiencies and capital spend optimisation across the value chain.

Asset assessment & risk mitigation

Aligning technical aspects with finance possibilities.

Our approach focuses on utilising technical specialists to maximise a project from a financing perspective and connect to local, Asian, European and North American financiers and development partners through a unique investment portal and community approach. 

Designed to minimise interfaces, we align the technical aspects of studies with positive finance possibilities. Our technical and financing specialists work in tandem to determine the expected interpretation by analysts and adjustment as required to develop a more stakeholder ready proposition. Our approach focuses on identifying investment partners experienced in owning and developing assets or infrastructure that aligns to our clients’ business and project scale.

Using a mixture of technical, legal and commercial acumen, ResourcesWA facilitates the growth of client operations through investment and acquisition advice and management. Our team of specialists undertake detailed reviews for all potential investments to determine those with the best fit for first-mover positioning, economies of scale, market penetration, geographic growth or competitive advantage, ensuring our clients benefit from synergies and receive a high rate of return.


We leverage the experiences, expertise, and insight of proven individuals to ensure the successful delivery of Projects.

Our people intrinsically:


the significance of the project outcomes for all stakeholders and represent their interests.


project initiatives and will define business case priority for the outcomes being pursued.


both the strategic implications and the outcomes of initiatives outlined.


expert views drawing from an extensive understanding of project management and relevant technical issues.


the project’s outputs meet the requirements of the business owners and key stakeholders.


conflicting priorities and resources to achieve beneficial outcomes for all parties.


and guide the project team and stakeholders on recommendations and actions to be undertaken.


activities to standards of best practice both within the organisation and in a wider context.