Resolute Sudan

ResourcesWA facilitated the establishment of Resolute Sudan.

We presented Resolute with a range of concessions based on their requirements to allow for first mover positioning in any concession negotiations and agreements. Joining with Capital Trading Partners, ResourcesWA was able to bring the range of opportunities in Gold and other commodities across Sudan to the international market.

Tapping into existing relationships with the Minister of Minerals and Vice President of Sudan, ResourcesWA positioned Resolute in such a way to maximise its capacity to secure concessions and existing operations across Sudan.

Using a mixture of technical, legal and commercial acumen, ResourcesWA assisted negotiations and maximised Resolute’s position to secure mining interests at the lowest possible price. We worked closely with both sides of associated agreements to ensure that the positions of both the Sudanese Government / GIAD and Resolute were realised to an acceptable outcome.